is a local Eco-Design Company based in Woodstock, NY. We specialize in all things native, edible, and eco-friendly. We use permaculture design techniques to promote a sustainable future. We encourage an edible landscape and a return to living off the land. We help you to connect to your property and gain a greater respect and awareness of the natural world.
Many people have come to appreciate a well-designed & cared for landscaped property– but imagine one filled with cherry, peach, apple, pear and walnut trees, with blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry and current shrubs. Walk over stone walled strawberry beds & under a kiwi and grape vine arbor, interplanted with flowering ornamentals for the bees & birds. All while growing your annual vegetables within this beautifully landscaped property that you have created.
We can all have a Garden of Eatin' in our own backyards. Let us get together to help you start a program that works for you and your lifestyle.

Please contact Mila Funk for a consultation.