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About Our Company

Nurture Nature Designs is a local landscaping design and installation company. What sets us apart and what keeps clients returning year after year is our quality craftsmanship and thoughtful planning. Sustainability is at the forefront of our design process, creating structures and landscapes that last a lifetime.


Owner, Designer, Mila Funk has spent much of his life out in the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains, cultivating a true love and awareness for the cycles of life. Mila has an innate talent for bringing beautiful, ecological, native and edible landscapes to life. This is the force that drives him.


Mila had focused on the trades and craftsmen industry. Working with talented builders in the area: from welding, carpentry ,electric, plumbing, gardening and working with local artists. But knew he that he needed to work directly with Nature.


In 2005 Mila completed his Certification in Permaculture  Design. Permaculture is a practical approach to land use. It takes natural systems as a model with scientific and primitive knowledge to create a sustainable future. 


NND’s focus is to consciously build landscapes to be productive, efficient and ecologically sustainable. Our passion is to create outdoor spaces for our clients to connect with nature on their land.We believe your landscape is an extension of your home. Offering you a fresh twist to ecological landscaping.



NND is 100% DEVOTED to using natural and organic products. We source local and sustainable resources.

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Consult with us to nurture nature on your land and create the property of your dreams.
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